§ 5 Withdrawal from the accommodation contract – cancellation fee

Cancellation by the guest

If the accommodation contract set out a deposit and if the deposit was not paid on time by the contract partner, the host can withdraw from the accommodation contract without notice.
If the guest does not arrive by 18.00 on the agreed arrival day, there is no duty to provide accommodation unless a later arrival time was agreed.
If the contract partner has paid a deposit (see 3.3), the rooms remain reserved until at the latest 12.00 of the day following the agreed arrival day. When prepaying more than four days, the accommodation duty ends from 18.00 on the fourth day, whereby the arrival day is calculated as the first day unless the guest indicates a later arrival day.
Until the latest 3 months before the agreed arrival day of the contract partner, the accommodation contract can be dissolved by the guest for justified reasons, unless agreed otherwise.

Withdrawal by the contract partner – cancellation fee

Up to latest 3 months before the agreed arrival day of the guest, the accommodation contract can be dissolved by without paying a cancellation fee through the one-sided declaration of the contract partner.
Outside of the notice period set out in §5.5, a withdrawal through the one-sided declaration of the contract partner is only possible with payment of the following cancellation fees:
- up to 1 month before arrival day 40% of the total price
- up to 1 week before arrival day 70% of the total price
- in the last week before arrival day 90% of the total price

§5 withdrawal from accommodation contract – cancellation fee.

Up to 3 months 3 months to
1 month
1 month to
1 week
in the
last week
no cancellation fees 40% 70% 90%

Hindrance of arrival

If the contract partner cannot make it to the accommodation on the day of arrival due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances (e.g. extreme snowfall, floods etc.), the contract partner is not obliged to pay the agreed fee for the day of arrival.
The payment obligation for the booked stay resumes from arrival, if this becomes possible within 3 days.

§ 6 Provision of replacement accommodation

The host can provide the contract partner or guests with appropriate replacement accommodation (same standard) if this is acceptable to the contract partner, especially if the difference is minimal and objectively justified.
Justification is given, for example, if the room (rooms) have become unusable, existing guests extend their stay, there is overbooking or other important operational measures necessitate this step.
6.3 Any additional costs for the replacement accommodation are at the expense of the guest.

§ 7 Rights of the contract partner

By concluding an accommodation contract, the contract partner gains the right to the standard use of the rented rooms, the facilities of the accommodation enterprise, which are available to guests without special conditions, and to standard services. The contract partner must exert their rights according to the applicable hotel and/or guest instructions (house rules).